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Create a sci-fi landscape

Adam Benton makes use of Bryce and Photoshop to create a sci-fi landscape scene including a derelict spacecraft...

Back in the late 1970s when I was a young lad, I was hungry for science fiction of any kind, and the discovery of a book called Spacewreck – Ghost Ships and Derelicts in Space opened my eyes to a whole new world of sci-fi art, by the likes of Chris Foss and Peter Elson.
As the name suggests, it depicted all manner of abandoned, derelict and ancient spacecraft in space, or on various kinds of alien planetary landscapes. Those images had a profound effect on my own creative visions, and in recent years the versatility I found in the digital toolset have enabled me to realise some images in that vein myself, including the one on these pages – The Last Ark.
In this workshop, I’ll test-drive Bryce 6 (although the main features used are available in Bryce 5 also), and show how I created this scene using it, some Photoshop layer and Alpha channel compositing, and a small amount of Cinema 4D to create and export the wrecked ship model. Although I will be principally using Bryce, this workshop is also about realising a final 2D sci-fi image using a combination of both 3D and 2D tools.

From issue 14.

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