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First Snow

Marc Brunet explains the process he used to create his awesome First Snow picture – from start to finish...

During this workshop you’ll be walked through the process of creating this charming lady. My goal in this article is to help you pick up a few tips and learn something new that will help you improve your art in some way.
First of all, when I’m being tasked with creating a female character for a sci-fi scene, I start by asking myself what would represent this theme best. I really like the idea of mixing different elements in my pieces – it’s always interesting to have various opposites in an image. For this project, I thought mixing a fairy tale with futuristic devices would give an interesting result. I chose Little Red Riding Hood as a basic idea to begin working from. I usually start with only that much information so I can develop further as I progress; I find it to be a more entertaining process that way.
You’ll need a good understanding of Photoshop and a pressure sensitive tablet. You should also have an understanding of the human anatomy, colours and textures before attempting this workshop. Also, I like to use a variety of materials and fabrics, so knowing how to create custom brushes is definitely a plus for good texturing results.

From issue 14.

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