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Minority Report concept art exclusive

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With Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi blockbuster Minority Report getting a Blu-ray release on 17 May 2010, we’ve got our hands on some never-seen-before concept art from the 2002 film.

Seeing the light of day a decade after being made, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has given ImagineFX six of the original character, environment and tech designs that were used to help realise Spielberg’s sci-fi vision.

The images show how many of the iconic elements of the film evolved from such concepts as artist Mark Goerner’s police unit, James Carson’s hoversuit and James Clyne’s original concept for the ‘precog’ pool.

An informed future reality

The award-winning production designer Alex McDowell was given plenty of artistic room to move when creating the film’s visual language. “For Spielberg the story is god,” he says, “so as long as we respected the narrative machine, and everything we built helped him tell the story, he was happy incorporating our ideas.”

With the renewed scrutiny that a high definition release will offer, does Alex think his work has stood the test of time? “Absolutely! The artistic interpretation of the technology side of the movie I think stands the test of time more than a lot of sci-fi films.”

Yet this aspect of the film wasn’t left to a purely artistic stab at ‘futuristic’, with Alex and Steven using a think tank of scientists to get their future just right. “Our brief from Spielberg was: 'this isn’t a science fiction movie, this is future reality,'” says Alex, “but when we heard from these guys what they thought was going to be going on in 50 years, it was so fantastical, so science fiction (houses that breathe and hybrid animals), that we opted for 10 years in the future instead.”

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