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ImaginefX issue 73

Imagine FX magazine

Take a deep breath, then dive into the latest issue of ImagineFX, which features our very first mermaid cover painted by Mélanie Delon. There's also a beautiful workshop from the French fantasy artist that provides a fascinating insight into her creative process.

This month's legend interview is with Roger Dean - we look at his life in illustration, art and... building design! We've also talk to up-and-coming artist Brad Rigney, who produces eye-popping artwork for Wizards of the Coast, and as ever you'll find our Q&A section brimming with tricky art queries explained by the best in the business. This month’s questions include, “How can varied edges and contours be created and used in Photoshop?”
In our workshop section Lauren K Cannon explains how to enhance a character's face, and Jorge Jacinto paints a verdant fantasy forest. Then Daren Bader shows us how to age your fantasy art without being derivative, while Dave Kendall's workshop explores the possibilities of Painter 12's new Mirror and Kaleidoscope tools.

Once you've read our packed reviews section, flicked through the brilliant reader's gallery and checked out the seven-plus hours of video advice on the free DVD, we're hoping this will become your favourite issue of ImagineFX... If not, there’s always next month!

September ISSUE
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Daren Bader takes us through his bare-bones approach to image making and explains how to 'beat up' an illustration so that it looks traditional. 

Roger Dean: Discover how the legendary artist and designer fell into the fantasy world almost by accident...

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Dave Kendall: With Painter 12's new Mirror and Kaleidoscope tools, Dave creates an oppresive, dark fantasy landscape.

Jorge Jacinto reveals how to create an epic-scale arboreal scene that pulls the viewer right into the larger-than-life setting.
Magazine pageMagazine page

Lauren K Cannon: Learn how to add interest and realism to a classic shot with Lauren's guiding advice.

Brad Rigney: The talented Wizards of the Coast artist discusses his own dystopian visions of the future.

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