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Cast Doubt Aside

Daniel Dociu takes you on an honest journey through the ups and downs of his image creation process...

It’s Sunday morning, sunrise is still a few hours away. I’m determined to get a lot done today, as it will be a while before I’ll be able to get back to this piece if I don’t finish it in one session. I could work from home, but I’m not sure I’d be strong enough to resist the temptation of the warm bed.
Nothing will wake you up like a motorcycle ride to the office on a rainy Seattle morning in February though. So here I am, itching to get my hands on a chunk of charcoal the size of a small brick and show this brand new sketchpad who’s the boss. I can’t get dirty during the week, there’s meetings to attend and appearances to keep…
But it isn’t meant to happen. I realise I had taken my tackle box with my drawing supplies home and left it there! It’ll have to be all-digital again! Yes, I’m disappointed. But it’s right at this moment when the defining idea for this workshop strikes. Up to this point I hadn’t found an angle yet, nor had I given it a fair share of thought.
I’ll make it about exposing in all honesty the ups and downs of the process, about the struggle with the inherent doubts and insecurities and hopefully about succeeding to work them into submission.

From issue 18.

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