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Spacecraft prototyping

Welcome to this brief demonstration of transport design and how to rapidly prototype a space vessel. When asked to produce fresh concept designs for sci-fi spacecraft, you face the unenviable task of steering clear of existing styles and influences, unless specifically asked for a replica ship by your client or art director.
In this workshop, I will share with you my philosophy, thoughts and process of how to rapidly prototype and build unique iterations of spacecraft as if they were produced from the same production line. There’s also an accompanying in-depth video workshop detailing the entire process. Throughout, I’ll spend 70 per cent of 
my time discussing producing and conceptualising a good design, for this 
is fundamental in producing believable futuristic vehicles.
For the past two years I’ve worked 
on the independent MMO Infinity: The Quest For Earth (www.fl-tw.com/Infinity), so have had to draw unique spacecraft on a daily basis, and I’ve filled numerous sketchbooks and digital files with unfinished concepts, studies and designs. I find any reference to classic cars, First and Second World War equipment and transport, aviation and existing aerospace designs have vastly expanded my knowledge of transport design, which I had no prior knowledge of.
With adequate research and dedication, you too can have an informed opinion of any field of art you wish to portray. Let’s get started.

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