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Create classic sci-fi art

Adam Benton uses Cinema 4D and Vue 6 Infinite to create a 3D illustration in the style of Chris Moore...

There are a handful of legendary artists and illustrators whose work you’ll see adorning the cover of classic sci-fi novels by the likes of Isaac Asimov, Ben Bova or Greg Bear. One of the veterans of the genre is Chris Moore, a prolific artist since the early 70s, who has worked in most facets of commercial illustration and has a distinctive, slick and vibrant style. Primarily an airbrush artist, Chris’s sci-fi illustrations have a three-dimensional, rounded and graded tonality to their forms and structures, which I’ve often felt would lend themselves well to an actual 3D/digital recreation.

In this workshop I’m going to create a sprawling background landscape using Vue 6 Infinite and explore some visually complex, yet surprisingly simple, modelling in Cinema 4D, to emulate the style of structural elements typical in Chris’s work. I’ll then light and match  the perspectives and render both the landscape and models in their respective programs. Finally, I’ll composite the results together in Photoshop.

PLEASE NOTE! Because of large file sizes there are no support files available for this workshop.

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