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Photoshop Touch

Price £6.99 | Company Adobe | Web www.adobe.com/uk

Photoshop Touch brings to tablets what many artists and creatives have craved for a long time – a Photoshop-like interface with familiar tools that enable you to work on new, or previously created images, on the go. Although other art apps are available, the draw of using Adobe’s familiar setup puts an added shine on this new release.

For the moment it’s only available for  the Android platform – we tested it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – but it should be available on iPad in the first quarter of 2012.

So, what does the tablet edition of Photoshop offer? Well, for a start, using Adobe Creative Cloud, it provides a link between Photoshop on your desktop or laptop and Photoshop on your tablet. You can start work on the desktop, upload to the Creative Cloud, and then carry on working (read more in Creative Cloud, far right). You can also create new projects from scratch, or use a photo on your device or the web as a starting point.

Of course, Photoshop Touch brings all manner of familiar image creation and editing tools to your touchscreen device. Firstly though, as far as digital painting tools go, you won’t find the kind of range on offer with such apps as ArtRage and Procreate. What you do get is a simple, easy-to-control brush interface where you can quickly change scale and hardness, along with being able to specify whether pressure sensitivity affects size and opacity. There’s not much as far as brushes go, if we’re honest.

What Photoshop Touch does have is an impressive image-editing feature set. You can use your finger (or a stylus) to Select, Clone, Dodge, Burn and perform other common tasks. You can crop, adjust levels and curves, change colour balance, add text, warp images and much more. There’s also the ability to create layers with blending modes and add filter effects. For the latter, a small preview enables you to select the effect you like, before fine-tuning it with a slider-based dialog. You can also brush on effects by changing the painting mode in the toolbar.

Photoshop Touch may not have the digital painting functionality of some other apps out there, but, as a general tool for tweaking images on the move, it’s an absolutely brilliant app and incredibly easy to use (even more so if you’re already familiar with Photoshop’s established interface). Priced at just £6.99, you can’t really go wrong.

If you have an Android tablet capable of running it, go get it. Otherwise, wait with baited breath – like us – for the iPad version.