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You Can Draw Star Wars

Use the force to recreate your favourite characters.

Author Bonnie Burton  | Publisher Dorling Kindersley | Price £13 | Webwww.dk.com

Star Wars must be one of the most diverse and interesting universes in the sci-fi fantasy catalogue. With hundreds of character designs, spaceships, and weapons to be found, there’s plenty for an aspiring artist to choose from. This new release from Dorling Kindersley is a guide to drawing the many aspects of the Star Wars mythology. Aimed at beginners, it’s laid out like many of the other DK books, with large images and text, easy navigation and well-researched information.
The book begins with a guide to the equipment used in traditional art. More interesting is the basic shapes used to create vehicles and characters. You can find helpful notes on male and female proportions, the shapes used to create a Millennium Falcon and more. One of the unique features found in this book is the stencil paper laid over the images. Sketched on to the paper are the rough shapes and outlines of numerous characters and spaceships. It’s a fun way of depicting the steps to create an image.
The book soon moves on to muscles and lighting, before taking a closer look at the droids and aliens found in the Star Wars universe. There’s some good advice on how to pose a character and present an interesting perspective, and if you were hoping for detailed information of specific characters then the book doesn’t disappoint. There are masterclass sections where the history of Anakin, Darth Vader, the Millennium Falcon, and Yoda are explored. These sections include stencil paper sketches, expert advice and character facts, all presented in an easy to understand format.
This is a fun book with some good advice. Its only drawback is that the 93 pages are not as jam-packed with information as they could have been.