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Create a heroic Valkyrie

Revive an ancient myth using this guide from Lorland Chen as he demonstrates how he creates his beautiful images.

Many people think that digital techniques will replace traditional art. Some people have even told me they’ve already thrown their pencils and brushes away. And it’s in the arena of fantasy art that the graphics tablet has most often replaced traditional methods. But we should ask ourselves one essential question: what makes so many complex lines and colours become a wonderful piece of art? Obviously, it’s your creative vision, not your knowledge of software. So I recommend you improve your level of traditional art if you truly want to create your best work.
This main character is a Valkyrie, the maid of Odin in Norse mythology. She collected the brave souls of heroes in the world to prepare for the final war. The gentleness of a girl and the strength of a man are combined in her face.
I completed this piece using Photoshop and Painter. This piece is like an oil painting. After you’ve read this workshop, you’ll see I use the simplest methods from the beginning to the end, but still get an exciting result.

From issue 16.

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