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Mind’s eye to digital canvas

Learn to transfer illustrations from imagination to Photoshop as accurately as possible as Jehan Choo shares his secrets...

Transferring a stunning, fantastical image from our mind through our hands and on to our canvas can be frustratingly hard to do. It’s always fun to let a piece evolve into something completely different than what was planned, but what if we want to get that image from our head down
as faithfully as possible? With this particular piece, I knew what I wanted pretty much from the start. Sometimes an image so vivid will pop into our heads, one so amazing that we want to put it down exactly as we imagine it.
This workshop will demonstrate what I do to try to keep my painting looking as cool as it does in my head. I will discuss some ways to manipulate layers, how I create visual hints about what to do next, and how to salvage a disastrous-looking face. I will also introduce an unconventional way to quickly begin a painting that may help in blocking out your imaginary scene before it fades from memory.
I hope this workshop inspires you to try something new, or something you thought too obvious to attempt before.
I will be creating an image based on a story I’ve tossed around in my head recently. It’s a dark children’s fantasy about a rat infestation in a Victorian asylum. It stars four characters, which I will paint throughout this workshop as I touch upon some of the techniques I use when trying to keep my image faithful to the one I see in my head. Without further ado, let’s get started!

From issue 18.

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