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Along time ago, in an art department far, far away… George Lucas asked me to create a new Sith Lord for The Phantom Menace. I spent a year trying to out-helmet Darth Vader, and when I finally realised no one was ever going to top Ralph McQuarrie’s icon of evil, I took the helmet off and started working the face instead. Ta da! Darth Maul was born, his tattoos a mixture of muscle patterns, ink blots and face painting (and clowns, who still pop up in my worst nightmares). I realised that other artists might get lost trying to follow my maze of markings, so I made a simple instruction sheet and hand it out to the rest of the crew.

Cut to today. ImagineFX is doing a Star Wars issue and want a workshop. I find the old ‘How To Draw Darth Maul’ sheet and the ubiquitous sequel arises. Here, I take the drawing from part one and show you how to turn it into a fully fledged concept painting.

I treat my digital art tools – Photoshop on a MacBook Pro and an Intuos 2 Wacom tablet – as if they were traditional. So there are no Undos and I use layers only to show the stages, not to experiment. Why? Because the great thing about digital paint is that you can change your mind forever, and the terrible thing about digital paint is that you can change your mind forever. I miss those days when you had to live with your mistakes, so I’ve banned Ctrl-Z from my workshop.
Click here to download the full workshop for free (PDF)
Click here to download the support files (21.86Mb)

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