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Original Comic Covers

Nic Klein shows you how to create a powerful comic cover, how to improvise along the way and what to look out for...

Everyone who has never picked up a comic before, or at least flipped through one, raise their hand! Not that many hands, which isn’t a big surprise. Most people who are interested in visual arts have, even if they don’t own any, at least picked up a comic in a shop to look through it. When creating a cover, be it for a comic, a book or anything else, the main objective is to spark interest in the eye of the viewer – ideally enough that they’ll be tempted to buy it. Your cover has to be so cool, spectacular or different enough that it stands out against all the other covers on the shelf.

How you achieve this is pretty much up to you. Of course, when we talk superheroes there are elements that work better than others, such as action, dynamics and a cool pose. But these don’t all have to necessarily be implemented, and if they are, not necessarily in that order.

I’m going to explain how I go about creating a dynamic cover with some graphic elements along the way. I usually let myself get inspiration for these elements in the process, rather than planning it meticulously before I start. We’ll see how it goes: since a piece never turns out the way you envision it, it’s always a journey... let’s go!

From issue 22.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of bandwidth restrictions. Nic's videos are not available online.

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