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Wacom Art Marker

You wouldn’t work with only one brush on canvas, so why should you with your tablet?

Price £56 | Company Wacom | Web www.wacom-europe.com/uk | Contact +49 (0)2151 36140

Most digital artists have already discovered the benefit of using the tablet and stylus combination over the regular mouse. But despite the immense benefits such an input device offers, there are ways of getting more from your tablet. Using software such as Photoshop or Painter with their native tablet support can provide great benefits, but you’ll still be modifying brushes to achieve certain styles and effects.

Rather than waste valuable time and sidetrack your attention, why not simply reach for an alternative stylus? The Intuos3 Art Marker is one of a range of such tools, which includes airbrushes and ink pens and so on, that are provided by Wacom for use with its popular Intuos3 series.

At first, you may not notice a huge benefit from the tool but with a little experimentation and comparison you soon start to realise just how much freedom such tools present. The felt tip provides a much more natural feel, and with the chiselled tip you can really make the most of the pressure sensitivity to create natural, organic curves that will be particularly welcome with illustrators and manga artists. Highly recommended for the professional artist.