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Photoshop Weapon Prop Design

Concept artist Brian Yam talks designing production-ready props

Meet the Masters: Volume 1-3

Four artists show you how to use your tablet with every creative app under the sun in this monster set from Wacom

Ron Lemen: Drawing the Female Portrait

Six hours in the company of Ron Lemen will transform the way you approach not just portraits, but everything else you draw.

Jane Radstrom: Mixed-Media Painting (Vol 1&2)

A graceful figure study from this accomplished painter has much to teach both art newcomers and seasoned veterans.

Alla Prima Portraiture

Back to Basics: In a single portrait session, Justin Kauffman might make you look at painting - digital or traditional - with fresh eyes.

Gears of War Creature Design

Gearing up: Discover the processes games artist James Hawkins uses to take his concept sketches into 3D... and back again

Designing Creatures in Photoshop

CREATURE FEATURE Here’s a video that unlocks some of the secrets to developing truly original creatures and characters

Trinity Blood – Volume One

Holy warfare The Vatican, vampires and violence in a time when the church is humanity’s last hope...

Ghost Rider

Blaze of glory? Middle-of-the-road Marvel adaptation is missing a vital spark

Pan’s Labyrinth

A sumptuous piece of escapism from Guillermo del Toro

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