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Create beautiful Fairies in 3D

Breathe some life into your characters with this guide to 3D techniques. Soa Lee helps give your creations some soul…

Nature is an incredible and splendid thing. We take it for granted as we study and look at objects. It’s easy to recreate nature using modern 3D graphics tools. Even better, we can create the kind of images that we’re accustomed to seeing in the real world – but with a fantasy twist. For this workshop, I’ll be using 3ds max 7 and Brazil RS 1.2.
My production work in 3D is divided into several steps. It may seem as simple as overlapping the realistic textures over the objects, but the reality is more complicated. 3D programs enable us to put the characters we’ve created into a living, breathing world. We have to use our inquisitiveness and observation to depict the world our character lives in.
A perfect combination of texture maps, texture quality, rendering and lighting enable the realistic portrayal of objects and characters. Each of these topics above is extensive enough in itself to have books written about it – so I recommend you research them all thoroughly if you’re serious about creating 3D art. What I’m going to do here is to walk you through my production of a 3D character’s face. Then you can tackle the rest on your own!

From issue 12.

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