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Bente Schlick's Faerie

Faeries, or the Good Folk, have always fascinated humans; they enchant children and adults alike. It’s fitting that faeries are often painted as beautiful young women who are the personification of romanticism and everything good. That’s what my painting will be about. The main focus of attention will be her face, and I’m aiming at an expression that draws the viewer in.

Another focus will be the faerie’s wings, which will be made using a mix of butterfly and dragonfly wings. I’m also going to add in a connection to butterflies within the scene, and we’ll come to that element later.

I want the background to suggest that the faerie emerges from the woods into a softly lit clearing where flowers grow and creatures live. The faerie subtly brings light and life into her surroundings.

For the inspiration of the character and the colour scheme, I flip through some faerie art books and my sketchbook and try to build up the scene in my head. I usually like to have a good concept before I start painting. However, sometimes an image can turn out completely different to my original plans, because during the creative process I figure out that certain things need to change in order to steer the painting in a particular direction.
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