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ImagineFX issue 41

Imagine FX magazine

All that credit crunch jibba jabba getting you down? Well, we’ve got just the ludicrously uplifting thing for you – our fantasy hero issue.

Kekai Kotaki accompanies his Amazonian cover warrior with a workshop on creating the perfect hero, whilst Jim Pavelec takes an anatomical look at the classic heroine. Mike Corriero helps you break through the creative block and James Paick takes us through the creation of fantasy concept art aimed at the game and film industry.

This month’s DVD is also packed, with workshop files from all the above, tips from Marta Dahlig on painting the perfect face, seven freeware applications, a Gnomon workshop, and loads more.

If you still need brightening up, take a gander at the vibrant portfolio of Emmanuel Malin, or the subconscious scribblings of Marshall Vandruff… (Insert joke about us dealing the best heroine here).

Magazine page Magazine page

FXposé reader galleries– Another diverse collection of digital art, from cartoon to concept.

Kekai Kotaki – We talk to the 27-year-old Guild Wars lead concept artist about subdued colour palettes and heroic characters.

Magazine page Magazine page

Artist Q&A – Imbue your demons with real evilness, depict a cold sunny day with ease, and simplify a complex character into caricature with our panel of professionals.

James Paick – Take a journey through the creation of fantasy concept art specifically aimed at the film and games industry.

Magazine page Magazine page

Sketchbook – Mad Magazine artist Marshall Vandruff shares a brainspill of ‘eyeball-sized’ sketches.

ImagineNation – The latest news about the artists you love and the things that make them tick.

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