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Feto Lives!

Create a creepy-looking 3D alien foetus in ZBrush. Alvaro Buendia shows you how...

In the process of trying to come up with ideas for an original creature design, I sat down and started thinking and sketching concepts. It always creeped me out seeing pictures of certain foetuses, both human and animal, so I came up with the concept of a foetus of some strange monster-creature. In this workshop, I’ll explain how I created this image from concept to preparation to execution; starting modelling in XSI (but you can use any 3D app) re-sculpting in ZBrush, texturing in Photoshop and ZBrush, re-touching textures in Photoshop, rendering, and composing the final image in Photoshop, to bring the creature Feto terrifyingly to life.

From issue 14.

Click here to download the full workshop for free (PDF)
Click here to download the support files (22.29Mb)

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