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Art means limitless possibilities, but to be able to create freely, we must shed our fears. Marko Djurdjevic shows us how...

Creativity is one of the things that makes us human: it’s what separates us from monkeys. Too often we hinder ourselves in our creative process, because we’re afraid of the outcome. But who is to judge us for what we do? The paper? The art police? Confidence in every decision is what makes art become relevant. This workshop focuses around making confidence your weapon of choice when creating art.
Rules only apply if you let them dominate your work. A free mind can achieve anything, and whatever others may think of your work, it doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy what you’re doing. Don’t let questions hinder your process, make them become your process.
Every line you put down on a sheet of paper is a question – “Where am I going?” If you let the answer scare you, you’ll never find out. But if you enable yourself to become part of the journey, art becomes easy and fear can be forgotten. There’s no right or wrong in art: you either love your trade or you don’t, and denial will lead you nowhere.

From issue 14.
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