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Exotique 2

A stunning collection of the world’s finest character arts.

Editors Daniel Wade and Paul Hellard | Publisher Ballistic | Price $39 | Webwww.ballisticpublishing.com

Continuing the astounding collection of character pieces that began with the first Exotique book, this is the latest book from Ballistic Publishing. With other first class books such as the EXPOSÉ and d’artiste series under their belt, there have been high expectations for this release.
It’s obvious from first glance that those expectations have been realised. Printed to a high standard on thick, glossy paper, this book oozes quality and class. It also has an appealing smell of fresh paint as you flick through the pages. Featuring 269 pieces of art produced by 168 artists from across the globe, every page is a feast for the eyes. Any serious collector can also pick up a special edition of the book that includes
a black, leather-bound cover with gold embossing. It looks amazing, but is priced
at a hefty $99.
As a character-focused book, there is an incredible degree of talent on show here, including renowned digital artists Linda Bergkvist, Anry Nemo and Henning Ludvigsen, while new names in the world of fantasy art
also feature. Some of the art, a mix of 2D and 3D, looks photorealistic; especially the work produced in 3ds max and ZBrush. One image created in ZBrush, William Lambeth’s Samburu Warrior, is so convincing we had to go online to see how it was made. The only downside to the art found here is that the background environments can occasionally look a little lifeless, but this is a minor niggle in what is otherwise a fantastic book.
It’s great to see a number of ImagineFX regulars grace the pages with their works: Soa Lee, Kuang Hong, John Kearney and Melanie Delon to name just a few. A couple of ImagineFX cover images also make an appearance.
Showcasing some of the best digital art in the world, this is another beautiful book from Ballistic packed with astonishing images. It should keep any budding artists interested for hours on end.