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Here you’ll find a wide range of digital art workshops available to download, for free, in PDF format...

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Design your own sci-fi movie poster

  Jonny Duddle
Design your own sci-fi movie poster with Jonny Duddle...

Mind’s eye to digital canvas

  Jehan Choo
Learn to transfer illustrations from imagination to Photoshop as accurately as possible as Jehan Choo shares his secrets...

Cast Doubt Aside

  Daniel Dociu
Daniel Dociu takes you on an honest journey through the ups and downs of his image creation process...

Manga character illustration

  Michael Chomicki
Michael Chomicki shows you how to create a Japanese manga-style character in Photoshop...

Fiery Dragon Princess

  Svetlin Velinov
Svetlin Velinov demonstrates how to draw a character with a clear story while retaining an air of mystique...

Modern Classical Painting

  Marta Dahlig
Marta Dahlig shows you how to add classical painting qualities to your everyday works...

Cutting-edge comic art

From designing a cover to selling your own graphic novel, some of the world’s best comic artists take you on a journey to making a successful career out of comics...

Create crystal-like designs

  Agnès Dodart
Want to turn a solid pattern into a glass structure in minutes? Agnès Dodart reveals her secret recipe…

Creating 3D illustrations

  Kevin Cunningham
Loïc Zimmermann shares his unique image creation technique to show how he produces striking three-dimensional illustrations...

Painting realistic hands

  Marta Dahlig
Learn the basic anatomy rules and discover techniques that will make painting hands easier than ever, with Marta Dahlig...

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