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Here you’ll find a wide range of digital art workshops available to download, for free, in PDF format...

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Create a robot concept

  Keith Thompson
Keith Thompson runs you through the process of creating a robot concept design, from sketches to final touches...

Drawn of the Dead

  Aly Fell
Aly Fell creates a vintage horror pulp fiction cover in the style of EC Comics...

The Custom Brush Guide: Fabric & costume

  Marta Dahlig
Marta Dahlig explores the best brushes for painting costumes in the second of her three-part brush guide...

Environmental concept art

  Thomas Scholes
Thomas Scholes explores visualisation methods, tricks of the trade and editing processes to create a fantasy landscape...

Mix techniques in a CG illustration

  Silvia Fusetti
Silvia Fusetti uses a combination of 2D and 3D software to quickly create high quality images...

Create classic sci-fi art

  Adam Benton
Adam Benton uses Cinema 4D and Vue 6 Infinite to create a 3D illustration in the style of Chris Moore...

Canvas to screen

  Dave Kendall
Watercolour, acrylic, digital, a steam-driven monster and a little girl are ingredients in this workshop from Dave Kendall...

Paint realistic ears

  Katarina Sokolova
Ears are too often a forgotten feature in portraits, but artist Katarina Sokolova shows how they can add to a character…

100 new ways to paint

The world’s top digital painters reveal new theories, techniques and inspiration to make you a better artist…

Painting Poseidon's Wrath

  Dehong He
Dehong He shows you how to create an image of ocean adventures...

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