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Here you’ll find a wide range of digital art workshops available to download, for free, in PDF format...

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Top Ten Traditional Art Tools

  Dave Kendall
Wizards of the Coast artist Dave Kendall invites you into his studio to check out his art equipment…

Portrait Speedpainting

  Bill Corbett
Paint a realistic portrait in less than half the usual time using a combination of oil and acrylic techniques and digital painting. Bill Corbett shows you how…

Original Comic Covers

  Nic Klein
Nic Klein shows you how to create a powerful comic cover, how to improvise along the way and what to look out for...

Feathers and Angel Wings

  Melanie Delon
Wings and feathers can be tricky to paint. Melanie Delon explains her technique for creating a realistic look...

Old style pin-up art… the new way

  Henning Ludvigsen
See the creation process of a modernised pin-up artwork from the start and get the know-how to do it yourself, with the help of Henning Ludvigsen...

20 Fantasy Art Tips

  Henning Ludvigsen
Henning Ludvigsen shares his top 20 pieces of advice for creating great fantasy art every time...

Top Ten Fantasy Art Poses

Whether you’re drawing a hero or villain, we’ve got the top ten poses to help you out…

Children’s Book Illustration

  Nick Harris
Nick Harris prepares a fantasy image to accompany a story that’s aimed at a younger audience...

The Custom Brush Guide: Nature and environment

  Marta Dahlig
Marta Dahlig concludes her guide to custom brushes by revealing the best for painting environments and nature...

Paint realistic looking lips

  Katarina Sokolova
They reflect the inner state of the person and change to show a range of emotions. Katarina Sokolova shows you how to paint luscious lips…

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