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Here you’ll find a wide range of digital art workshops available to download, for free, in PDF format...

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Min Yum turns a dream into fantasy art

  Min Yum
Min Yum taps into the limitless resources of his active subconscious and conjures up this dreamy, moody scene, using Photoshop.

Nick Harris and ArtRage 3

  Nick Harris
Familiar with ArtRage 3, illustrator Nick Harris takes some of its new toolset for a watercoloury spin…

Marta Dahlig's Digital Art Myth Busting

  Marta Dahlig
Discover, learn and break stereotypes with Marta Dahlig’s dissection of the most commonly repeated digital painting myths, in Painter.

Bente Schlick's Faerie

  Bente Schlick
A journey through the painting process of this issue’s faerie-flavoured cover image, from sketch to the final painting, by Bente Schlick.

A Walk on the Dark Side

  Dave Kendall
Dave Kendall opens his sketchbook to show you his thought and preparation process when producing a finished illustration…

Face the Wrath of Medusa

  Raymond Swanland
Raymond Swanland uses traditional methods in Photoshop to create this monstrous gorgon for our Greek myth special issue.

Painting a Heroic Male

  Kekai Kotaki
By using design elements like armour and pose you can make a character into a hero. Kekai Kotaki shows how…

Jake the Dreaming

  Andrew Jones
Click to see a digital teaser of Android Jones's new comic Jake the Dreaming, published through Radical Publishing .

Painter Experts

  Corel Painter
28-page sampler

Creature Design in Digital Paint

  Raymond Swanland
Designing an imaginary creature in a fully formed illustration – Raymond Swanland shows you how...

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