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Here you’ll find a wide range of digital art workshops available to download, for free, in PDF format...

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The end of the world

  Philip Straub
EA’s concept art director Philip Straub shows you how to grab the attention of your audience with a dramatic and apocalyptic scene.

Retro Spacecraft

  Adam Benton
How to use Maxon’s Cinema 4D to create a science-fiction spacecraft in the style of Chris Foss. By Adam Benton.

Hybrid Fantasy Art

  Antonis Papantoniou
Combine 2D digital painting with 3D modelling and shading to create a hybrid 5D image using ZBrush. By Antonis Papantoniou.

Creating a dark urban nightmare

  Lee Carter
Give your work an ominous sense of atmosphere by adding layers of textured paint marks. Lee Carter shows you how

Defecting to Painter

  Jonny Duddle
Can you get passionate about Painter IX when you’ve spent a lifetime fiddling in Photoshop? By Jonny Duddle.

Digital Hairstyling

  John Kearney
This workshop will guide you through the process of painting hair in Photoshop using the correct brushes and a streamlined workflow. By John Kearney

Creating beauty out of chaos

  Andrew Jones
In this workshop Andrew Jones shows you how to embrace the chaotic aspects of your inner workings and how the force of your will can form art out of abstraction

Gothic beauty

  Jason Chan
Learn to create a dangerous beauty from start to finish in Painter and Photoshop, with Jason Chan…

Monster Creations

  John Kearney
The creation of The Malesquis: an insight into the evolution of a beast. By John Kearney.

Painting a believable figure

  Linda Bergkvist
Getting the anatomy right, capturing a mood and nailing all the little details… It's certainly not easy to paint a convincing character, but Linda Bergkvist shows you how it’s done...

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