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Here you’ll find a wide range of digital art workshops available to download, for free, in PDF format...

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Painting by feel

  Glen Angus
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance artist Glen Angus reveals how he takes a simpler approach with his digital art.

Freestyle character design

  Neville Page
Neville Page takes you through a rapid process of generating a character for presentation…

Colour theory simplified

  Philip Straub
Mastery of colour theory is essential for artists. Philip Straub takes a look at some the basic principles of colour.

Design and paint robot concepts

  Emrah Elmasli
Discover the digital painting techniques and character design process needed to create a bad-ass robot and an oriental sci-fi world. Emrah Elmasli reveals how…

Quick character design concepts

  Francis Tsai
Using ArtRage’s pencil and paint tools on a tablet PC bridges the gap between traditional and digital. Francis Tsai creates a simple concept design piece to share some essential advice.

Painting expressive pirate portraits

  Steve James
Steve James shows you that you don’t need to render every pixel in order to create an interesting and expressive portrait.

Mixed Media & Experiments (part 3)

  Jonny Duddle
Combine the strengths of Painter and Photoshop to develop a multi-package workflow, by Jonny Duddle.

Getting composition right

  Gary Tonge
Composition is key to illustrations. Gary Tonge shares essential advice.

Figure drawing (part 2)

  By Joel Carlo
Learn how to create a digital figure study in Photoshop using an approach that relies on shapes and tonal values. By Joel Carlo.

Apocalyptic visions

  Martin Bland
Learn to paint chilling scenes in Photoshop, from concept sketch to final print-ready image

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