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Here you’ll find a wide range of digital art workshops available to download, for free, in PDF format...

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Creature Anatomy Workshop

  Joel Carlo
Joel Carlo explores different creatures’ anatomies and how they have been integrated to create some of the most popular beasts of myth and folklore.

An Army Summoned

  Mike Corriero
The mood of an image can be defined through colour and brush strokes. In this workshop Mike Corriero shares his process and thoughts about creating a dynamic image.

Creating Fantasy Manga

  Cris de Lara
By making use of manga references, Cris de Lara shows you how to fuse Japanese comic drawing with fantasy themes.

Create beautiful Fairies in 3D

  Soa Lee
Breathe some life into your characters with this guide to 3D techniques. Soa Lee helps give your creations some soul…

Character Speed Painting

  Mathias Verhasselt
Create a speed painting, focusing on the mood, atmosphere, and depiction of a dynamic character with Mathias Verhasselt.

Painting Nightmares

  Cyril Van Der Haegen
Instead of trying to explain why you wake up screaming every night, why not paint what you see? Cyril Van Der Haegen captures the ordeal of nocturnal terrors...

Create a LOTR inspired orc

  Jeff Murchie
Design, anatomy, weight, colour and texture are all important for a convincing creature. Let Jeff Murchie show you why…

Beauty is only skin deep

  John Kearney
Discover how to give your fantasy characters realistic skin using Photoshop. John Kearney fleshes some ideas out.

A guide to digital sketching

  Aly Fell
A small but almost perfect application designed to be a spontaneous sketching and ideas tool. Aly Fell shows you how to use SketchBook Pro.

Designing an underwater warrior

  Mike Corriero
Learn how to design a character for a video game, from thumbnail sketches to a final rendered design, with Mike Corriero.

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