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Here you’ll find a wide range of digital art workshops available to download, for free, in PDF format...

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Feto Lives!

  Alvaro Buendia
Create a creepy-looking 3D alien foetus in ZBrush. Alvaro Buendia shows you how...

Effective Character Design

  Francis Tsai
Character design involves many different skills, from analysis and problem solving, to anatomy and colour. Francis Tsai shares his design tips…

Create a sci-fi landscape

  Adam Benton
Adam Benton makes use of Bryce and Photoshop to create a sci-fi landscape scene including a derelict spacecraft...


  Marko Djurdjevic
Art means limitless possibilities, but to be able to create freely, we must shed our fears. Marko Djurdjevic shows us how...

Classic tale with a twist

  Will Beck
Follow aspiring illustrator Will Beck as he takes a well-known story and sets it in a different world...

Drawing and painting dragons

  James Strehle
James Strehle gives you tips to help you create that mystical beast you have lurking in your mind!

The unusual suspects

  Jonny Duddle
Jonny Duddle explains how a ‘line-up’ can help the games industry size up new characters before 3D modelling begins.

Dramatic Concept Art

  David Levy
Leading concept artist David Levy shows how to paint a piece that’s full of drama, using custom brushes to create a nuclear winter image.

Volumetric lighting

  Henning Ludvigsen
What happens when light shines through objects in hazy air and gets partially blocked by transparent, coloured surfaces? Henning Ludvigsen gets to grips with 3D light.

Speed Painting A Zombie

  Patrick Reilly
Quickly bring to life a scary zombie as Patrick Reilly explains how to create a macabre character speed painting.

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