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Nick Harris and ArtRage 3

Nick's workshop comes with three videos, all with audio. Watch them on ImagineFX's YouTube channel!

Unasuming hero

ArtRage 2.5 caused quite a ripple when it came on the market a few years ago. Beneath its jolly hobbyist facade lurk some powerful tools and a user-friendly ethos that you don’t always find in other software. Yet its unbelievably low price may have turned some pros off even trying it. There’s been a lot of speculation about its development. Fans love the friendly work space and fear the quest for better tools may spoil it. Doubters don’t think you can have both. Well, it’s here now – you can judge for yourself how well they’ve done.

New tools, new workshop

ArtRage 3 is a completely new software, rebuilt from scratch. The whole architecture works in a different way, yet the interface stays familiar enough to keep it ArtRage. I’ve only got room to scratch the surface of the enhancements they’ve implemented.

There’s a stylish and customisable interface with palettes you can move, scale and rotate at will; on-screen pods that open up a range of controls; new painting tools, each with their own controls and presets; the long-awaited watercolour makes its first appearance, and shows a lot of promise; a powerful brush, called Stickers, should cause a big stir; a new Inkline tool may well be a godsend to comickers and line work aficionados. The list goes on, but I mustn’t. A brief workshop beckons.

As I tackle a daft, watercolour-style illustration about dwarf dentists mining gold in a giant’s teeth, I’ll try to give you a feel of what it’s like to work in ArtRage 3’s reborn software.

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