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Wacom Cintiq 21UX

Elegant, easy to use and a brilliant idea – the Cintiq has it all. You may have to sell a limb to afford one though

Price £2159 | Company Wacom | Web www.wacom.co.uk | Contact +49 (0) 215 136 140

This is the ultimate graphics tablet. And it has a price that will make your eyes water. Yep, at more than £2,000 you’re not about to rush out and buy this on a whim. 

The Cintiq is no ordinary tablet, however. It’s an Interactive Pen Display, meaning that it doubles as a 21-inch monitor and connects to your computer exactly like one. In use, it’s outstanding. Fire up Painter, create a new document or import a sketch and you can begin drawing and painting directly onto the screen. The nifty stand makes tilt adjustment a cinch, and you can even remove it completely and rest it on your lap.

It has new features to reduce your keyboard use, whether you’re left or right-handed. These include ExpressKeys, to which you can assign your best shortcuts, and a Touch Strip for zooming in or out and scrolling through text and graphics documents.

This is a quality piece of engineering, with all the elegance of an Intuos – and you can use the same pens and other input devices. The problem is, it’s just too expensive. Make it the price of a 21-inch monitor and we’ll have one. Or maybe even two.