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ImagineFX Issue 19

Issue 19 of ImagineFX is on sale in the UK from 5 June…
This month we delve into the world of video game art. Ever wondered what it takes to become a concept artist in video games? We tell you all you need to know.
We’ve also got eight pages of jaw-dropping game art from Craig Mullins (Halo), Yoji Shinkawa (Metal Gear Solid), Viktor Antonov (Half-Life 2) and Alessandro Taini (Heavenly Swords).
It’s not all about games, mind…
Master of Art

JP Targete reveals how he summons up the spiritual side to his stunning works of art.
Portrait of an artist
Killzone artist (ah, this interview is a little bit about games) Xavier Marquis talks about the passions that fuel his paintings. 
Video Game Artist Q&A
Yep, this too. Top-rated video game artists reveal the secrets behind the creation of the art of games. Featuring Daniel Dociu (ArenaNet), Philip Straub (NCsoft), Glen Angus (Activision), Gary Tonge (Swordfish Studios/Vivendi), Andy Park (Sony) and Aly Fell (Eurocom Software) and Daryl Mandryk (Propaganda Games). 
New series! Art Surgery
Glen Angus helps reader Sam Girgis with composition and lighting.
Workshops – 25 packed pages of digital art tuition
JP Targete helps you to introduce elements of reality to your paintings to make them more mysterious. 
Christian Bravery divulges his concept art techniques.
Follow photo-montage tricks in Photoshop, with Thomas Scholes.
Katarina Sokolova has essential advice on how to paint noses.
20 unmissable advice for budding concept artists from Francis Tsai.
The custom brush guide gets its first outing: this month, Marta Dahlig focuses on skin and hair.
Video game character concepts, Andrew Jones style.
On the DVD:
Miki 1.0 Base Figure Pack – worth $75!
Skeleton and human body photos
Create your own game tools
Free images, textures and fonts
The latest software demos and much, much more!
ImagineFX is on sale at WHSmith, Tesco, Forbidden Planet, Easons, Borders and many more quality magazine emporiums!