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Sci-fi Mech Art

When you paint science fiction you don’t create something out of nothing. Instead your imagination creates something new, based on what you already know. In a sense, your artwork is a mosaic of the knowledge you possess, but put together in a certain order to create something vibrantly original. All that might sound daunting, but there’s nothing to worry about. I don’t know any more than you do – it’s how you use your ideas that counts. Painting sci-fi enables you to unleash your creativity, bringing to life anything from weird aliens to hulking robots. The flipside of this is you need to know how to paint different materials and create futuristic designs.

Before getting started, I like to have a clear idea of what I want to draw. Think of it as a tree – you can always branch out with your ideas, but you’ll need a trunk for those branches to stem from. You can develop ideas and finishing touches as you draw, but you’ll need a solid direction for your ideas to grow into.

For this workshop, I chose the subject “A female mech pilot in a bright, colourful suit.” So, let’s see where our imagination and that topic takes us.
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