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Bryan “Beaux” Beus Sketchbook

Utah artist Bryan “Beaux” Beus reveals what’s currently in his sketchbook...

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“Beaux” Beus started out in a different art form: at school he was a competitive saxophonist, before discovering drawing at the age of 21. Currently he works as a freelancer in the areas of concept design, children’s books and portraits.

 Web: www.beauxpaint.com

Bryan “Beaux” Beus was raised near Salt Lake City, Utah, and flirted with being a saxophonist before he started to draw. However, upon going to college at Brigham Young University he found something wasn’t right about pursuing a career in music. At the age of 19 he took a break from his studies to move to Russia for a two-year service mission, teaching people about strengthening families, faith, the English language, and avoiding drugs and alcohol. When he returned to Utah, his best friend gave him a ‘how to draw’ book by Quentin Blake and it was love at first sight. Bryan, now 24, has been drawing all day everyday since and can’t think of anything he’d rather spend his life doing. He now works as a freelancer doing concept design, children’s books, and portraits; long-term, he hopes to also draw science fiction and fantasy book covers and figures, and landscapes for fine-art galleries.
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