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ImagineFX Issue 38

On sale in the UK today and oveseas from around three weeks’ time, I give you issue 38:


Henning’s 101: Seasons
Henning Ludvigsen leads us through another of his art beginner classes. This time: how to create elements of nature’s four seasons in your artwork.

The devil is in the details
The application of fine detailing can take the plain and make it extraordinary, as Kev Crossley illustrates...

When aliens attack
Francis Tsai uses the time-honoured theme of ‘damsel in distress threatened by alien monster’ to create a B-movie inspired illustration…

Painting a sexy pirate
Marc Brunet guides you through the creation of his painting The Shipwreck from start to finish…

Bodyworks - the forearms
This issue’s figure-drawing masterclass features the tricky anatomy of the forearm.

Interviews and inspiration

The art of Vance Kovacs
From Magic cards to computer games via Narnia, Vance brings classic fantasy influences to the world of concept art.

Crack open the pages and take a look at the fevered doodlings of Dave Palumbo.

Legend: Yoshitaka Amano
The visionary genius behind the amazing art from the Final Fantasy series.

Artist portfolio: Tim Flattery 
The designer of some of the most iconic Hollywood vehicles you’ve ever seen.

The Gnomon Workshop DVD sample
Charles Bernard videos
ImagineFX wallpapers
Vyonyx textures 
Q&A files
John Howe video and compo
Guerrilla Graphics brushes

Photoshop CS3 (Mac & PC)
Painter X (Mac & PC)
Project Dogwaffle Pro 4 (PC)
Doggy FX 1.2 (PC)

Workshop Files
Exclusive to ImagineFX
Follow this month’s workshops with these high-resolution, multi-layered files.