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Paint from life on an iPad

This article was taken from issue 79 of ImagineFX magazine.

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 Country: England
 Karlsimon is a Swedish
 artist living in London.
 Experienced in both the
 film and games industries,
 his recent projects have
 included Captain America and
 Total Recall.


Life lessons
Painting from life is a big subject to cover in a single article, but in this workshop I’ll try to show you one way of sketching that I really enjoy when it’s too cold to paint outdoors. I use life painting as a complement to the work I do in the studio. The purpose is not to make pretty pictures, but studying reality and use what I learn for projects I do at home.

Embrace the tech!
With the software available today we artists are a little bit spoiled for tools. Painting from life using traditional media requires more structure and planning, and you need to make each decision count. To me, working on the iPad falls somewhere in between working in Photoshop and working traditionally. The software that’s available is basic compared to something like Photoshop, but it’s this simplicity that makes it a great tool for life painting. For example, the iPad’s lack of pressure sensitivity is, I believe, an advantage. It forces you to make clearer decisions, which results in a more ‘direct’ painting.

Tablet thinking
Another neat thing about the iPad is that the apps are so cheap. I’ve tried a few of them including SketchBook Pro and Brushes, but the one I like best so far is Procreate, which I’ll be using for this particular workshop. Yet the greatest advantage of the iPad, Galaxy or any other tablet must be its portability – you can do colour sketches wherever you are! I took my iPad to the Wallace Collection, in the heart of London’s West End, to paint some medieval armour. Here’s how I got on...


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