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ImagineFX issue 46

Imagine FX magazine

Here at IFX Gothic art is celebrated whenever possible. Who cares that birds are still chirping - it’s always the right time to explore the darker side of the imagination.

Talking of imagination, we’ve asked Loic Zimmermann to accompany his Gothic cover with a workshop on how to create a dark dynamic illustration from a low-res photo collage, we’ve got the dark alluring art of Anne Stokes and the sketchbook of 30 Days of Night comic artist Ben Templesmith. Elsewhere, Cynthia Sheppard takes us through one of her nightmarish visions and Marta Dahlig takes us through painting a believable Gothic scene.

There’s also the breathtaking sci-fi revelations of Yap Kun Rong and Sacha Diener explains how to use perspective to make your picture pop. Our core skills section is on using layers in Photoshop, and games artist Kev Crossley takes us through 25 tips on creating the quintessential alien.

Our DVD features a selection of Gothic textures and brushes courtesy of Obsidian Dawn, the latest workshop video from book cover illustrator Charles Bernard and the image and asset files to accompany the workshops.

August ISSUE
Magazine page Magazine page

Kev Crossley: With 13 years of experience on his side, Kev’s 25 tips on creating aliens is an essential guide for all fans of the extraterrestrial.

Anne Stokes: The Gothic goddess from Yorkshire takes us through some of her favourite pieces.

Magazine page Magazine page

FXPosé:Fantastic new art from readers, including a vibrant opener from Veronique Meilgnaud.

Marta Dahlig: Learn how to design, compose and paint a realistic Gothic scene with the IFX regular.

Magazine page Magazine page

ImagineNation: We look at how women are pushing the boundaries of fantasy and see what’s new in the world of digital art.

Yap Kun Rong: The Singaporean star talks about how he gets inspiration from diverse cultures to create his action-filled artwork.

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