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The best fantasy and sci-fi artists in the world talk exclusively to ImagineFX. Read all of our interviews here...

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Bryan “Beaux” Beus Sketchbook

  from issue 14
Utah artist Bryan “Beaux” Beus reveals what’s currently in his sketchbook...

Marko Djurdjevic

  from issue 14
“The outcome of every stroke I put down on paper will always be the same – a window into the man I am.” Check out the view from Marko’s wind...

Artist portfolio - John Kearney

  from issue 13
A glimpse into the world of the former games industry artist, who isn’t adverse to a bit of creative masochism to develop his considerable talents...

Dave McKean

  from issue 13
“The emotion in an image usually tells me what I have to do.” A glimpse into the world of Dave McKean.

Will Beck

  from issue 13
Meet the winner of our first Reader Challenge...

David Levy

  from issue 13
“I wanted to create something that didn’t exist yet, something different and original.” The childhood urge that would lead to concept art…

Bob Eggleton

  from issue 14
“Alone in the vastness, but standing on higher ground,” Bob Eggleton’s art reaches into the darkness and brings back something fantastic.

Fred Gambino

  from issue 11
From paint to pixels, from books to film, Fred Gambino has led a legendary career in sci-fi illustration and concept art.

Don Maitz

  from issue 12
There’s more to Don Maitz than Captain Morgan, although he does love pirates…

Svetlin Velinov

  from issue 12
Illustrator, animator and comic artist, Svetlin Velinov uses dramatic colour and even more striking characters to convey the emotions behind his artwork.

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