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The best fantasy and sci-fi artists in the world talk exclusively to ImagineFX. Read all of our interviews here...

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Daniel Conway

  from issue 17
Meet the young fantasy artist who creates apocalyptic scenes with a hint of Eastern promise…

The art of Loïc Zimmermann

  from issue 17
He loves to mix his techniques, causing audiences to tilt their heads and wonder what’s what, but for Loïc Zimmermann it’s all about the impact of the final image.

Top 10 Digital Art Schools

  from issue 16
Looking for a great place to get a digital art education? We check out the best in the business...

Ray Caesar

  from issue 16
The celebrated illustrator talks about his many influences, his ghost-like visions and his exploration of the unconscious…

Mike Mignola

  from issue 16
He’s best known as the creator of his “silly little character” Hellboy, but this talented artist and writer has many more strings to his bow…

The Art Of Lorland Chen

  from issue 16
Don’t be led astray, says Lorland Chen. “Thinking is the soul, and the art is the way. Max, Maya and Photoshop are just the tools”

Mikko Kinnunen

  from issue 15
“I try to challenge myself with each new picture, so there’s always some sense of discovery.” Finnish artist Mikko discusses his driving ambitions…

The art of Hoang Nguyen

  from issue 15
“I’m trying to capture a mood or a moment lost in time. That’s most appealing to me.”

Henning Ludvigsen’s Spotlight

  from issue 14
Our resident Norwegian provides a valuable insight into one of his favourite digital paintings of the moment...

Skan Srisuwan

  from issue 14
Thai artist Skan loves to blend man (or woman) and machine in his intricate, metallic creations. He tells us why he loves his metal marvels...

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