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The best fantasy and sci-fi artists in the world talk exclusively to ImagineFX. Read all of our interviews here...

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The art of Dehong He

  from issue 20
With Dehong He, fantasy art regains its purpose: he helps us grapple with the human condition by picturing a universe that’s rich with human meaning…

Become A Games Artist

  from issue 19
Want to create art that helps shape the look of games that will be played by millions around the world?

Xavier Marquis

  from issue 19
The Guerrilla Games concept artist Xavier Marquis explains why he’s happy to be a workaholic...

The Art of JP Targete

  from issue 19
He might live in the real world with the rest of us, but for JP Targete seeking out the spiritual enables him to be the storyteller he always wanted to become...

Top ten words of artistic advice

  from issue 18
What’s the best piece of art advice you’ve received? We’ve picked our top ten favourite words of wisdom to help you be a better artist....

Classics re-born

  from issue 18
Four of our most talented artists re-imagine a classical painting for ImagineFX...

Shelly Wan

  from issue 18
From the intricacy of Chinese illustration to the Golden Age of American designers, Shelly Wan has forged a style of her own...

The Art of Daniel Dociu

  from issue 18
“You can take a bazillion different paths to the same place.” Daniel Dociu carves a cubed route into the future…

Alan Moore

  from issue 17
Prepare to be enchanted. Comic book legend Alan Moore on the magic of the medium.

Jake Rolfe

  from issue 17
Not many teenagers find themselves at the centre of the of the digital illustration world. But then not many teenagers have the raw talent, resolve and burning desire that Jake Rolfe has…

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