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The best fantasy and sci-fi artists in the world talk exclusively to ImagineFX. Read all of our interviews here...

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Dermot Power

  from issue 30
From greeting cards to concept designs for Star Wars, Dermot Power reveals how he made the jump from jobbing artist to working on top Hollywood films

Tae young Choi

  from issue 24
Game concept artist Tae reveals why he loves his job so much, the joy of smelly oils, and the legacy of the Da Vinci Code…

Kerem Beyit

  from issue 23
“What I find easy,” says Kerem Beyit, “is to create things that don’t exist in our universe”

Simon Fellah sketchbook

  from issue 23
Exploring the delightfully dark world inside Simon Fellah’s sketchbook...

Brian Froud

  from issue 23
With every painting, the artist Brian Froud brings to life characters and creatures from British folklore, reaching back thousands of years...

Portrait of an artist: Greg Staples

  from issue 22
Loved in the world of comics and revered by fantasy art collectors, Greg’s artwork is in everything from Magic: The Gathering cards to Scissor Sisters videos...

The Art of Cole Eastburn

  from issue 22
“I like the idea of ancient beings, battles, monsters, and legends.” Concept artist Cole Eastburn demonstrates the importance of natural affinity...

Katarina Sokolova

  from issue 21
The Ukrainian artist reveals why beautiful women always feature in her paintings, and how she fell in love with Painter...

Josh Kirby

  from issue 21
Celebrating the work of one of the leading science fiction illustrators of the 20th Century...

The Art of Christian Alzmann

  from issue 21
“I enjoy making images that tell stories and ask more questions than they answer.” Christian Alzmann and the art of creative speculation.

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