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The best fantasy and sci-fi artists in the world talk exclusively to ImagineFX. Read all of our interviews here...

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Ben Templesmith

  from issue 36
Since his career-making success with 30 Days of Night, Ben Templesmith continues to explore his fascination with things that come out of the darkness. We find out why he feels so at home with the weirdness…

Minority Report concept art exclusive

  from issue 35
We look at some original concept art from Steven Spielberg's Minority Report for the first time, and chat to the film's production designer about getting the perfect look for this 'future reality' film...

Sinad Jaruartjanapat

  from issue 33
The Thailand-based illustrator’s bright and colourful work is an extension of the artist himself – there’s no room for gloominess in his beautiful pieces.

Michael Kutsche

  from issue 33
He may be a rising star in the world of digital painting, but Michael Kutsche sees himself more ?as a problem solver than a traditional fantasy artist

The Art of John Dickenson

  from issue 48
A prolific artist for film and videogame projects, John Dickenson transports you to whimsical and colourful new worlds with the stroke of his brush…

Jamie McKelvie

  from issue 31
One of the UK’s major new talents in the field of comic art, some would say success for Jamie McKelvie was written in the stars…

LIam Sharp

  from issue 30
One of Britain’s best known and best loved comic artists tells us about mainstream comic practice, innovation, and his own publishing venture

James Gurney

  from issue 29
Dreams of mythical cities and?a passion for dinosaurs come alive in James Gurney’s art

Ben Procter

  from issue 28
“There is no single ‘normal’ working method for me,” says Ben Procter. “It’s a balancing act between the needs of the moment and the bigger design picture”

Dave Gibbons

  from issue 27
Before Hollywood's adaptation of his legendary Watchmen series, IFX caught up with Dave Gibbons, godfather of the comic industry…

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