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The best fantasy and sci-fi artists in the world talk exclusively to ImagineFX. Read all of our interviews here...

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Mark Ryden's Pinxit book

  from issue 81

Paul J Beard

  from issue 80
Readers' Letters. Paul J Beard of Southampton, England, sent ImagineFX a letter stuffed with these fantastic B&W ink drawings. Each section takes Paul around two/three months to complete...

Tommy Lee Edwards

  from issue 47
He’s the master of the loose line, with a CV that includes work on the Batman Begins and Harry Potter movies.

Donato Giancola

  from issue 55
A master of storytelling, composition, anatomy and tone, Donato is one of the artists right at the forefront of the fantasy and sci-fi art revolution.

Star Wars Blu-ray review

  from issue 74
In HD, you will watch Six films, nine discs and countless memories… but can these high-definition remasters solve the problems of the prequels?

Emmanuel Malin

  from issue 41
With its beautiful pencils, sprawling environments and intriguing characters, Emmanuel Malin’s work is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Spawn Again

  from issue 71
ImagineFX spoke to Spawn: Architects of Fear artist Aleksi Briclot, and Spawn originator Todd McFarlane about the new title, out now. IFX : What was your game plan when approaching thi...

Kapow! Liam Sharp

  from issue 69
This week we speak to 2000AD and Marvel UK artist Liam Sharp about Kapow!, old friends and surviving conventions!

Dave Gibbons at Kapow!

  from issue 67
We speak to the Watchmen artist on the new convention in town.

Jim Lee - Sketchbook

  from issue 65
Drawn by one of comics’ most natural storytellers, these sketches are a source of inspiration for any comic fan

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