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The best fantasy and sci-fi artists in the world talk exclusively to ImagineFX. Read all of our interviews here...

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Melanie Delon

  from issue 5
In the guise of Eskarina, Melanie Delon creates enigmatic fantasy portraits, each with their own rich mythologies.

Daryl Mandryk

  from issue 5
“There’s a 10-year-old boy in me who is designing the coolest toys he can think of. And the best toys scare you a bit.” Daryl Mandryk feels the fear.

Jason Chan

  from issue 4
“I guess I live in the clouds more than on the Earth.” The fantastic and ethereal art of Jason Chan.

Jim Burns

  from issue 3
Bringing science fiction’s big hits to life with shape and colour, Jim Burns is a master creator of worlds…

Thierry Doizon

  from issue 4
“Maybe I was just born in the wrong century.” The artist known as BARoNTiERi explains why he loves robots…

Linda Tso

  from issue 3
Meet the artist who, since discovering fantasy art just three years ago, has really found her niche

Gary Tonge

  from issue 3
Vision Afar, the accomplished artworks of Gary Tonge, give us a glimpse beyond the edge of the known universe…

Martin Bland

  from issue 2
Reckon you can knock up a masterpiece in an hour? That’s what self-taught conceptual ‘speed-painter’ Martin Bland does…

Marta Dahlig

  from issue 2
Dark owl Marta Dahlig likes to develop her characters in the dead of night…

Robert Chang

  from issue 1
“Whatever I’ve done pales in comparison to what I’m trying to accomplish.” We meet our first ever ‘Master of Art’.

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