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The best fantasy and sci-fi artists in the world talk exclusively to ImagineFX. Read all of our interviews here...

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Steve James

  from issue 10
Steve James’ artwork recalls the works of classic American illustrators, albeit with a fantasy edge.

The art of Lee Carter

  from issue 10
Concept artist and comic book talent, Lee Carter explains why happiness is a bad guy with a machine gun.

Anthony S. Waters

  from issue 8
“An image should do more than tell you what a monster looks like. It should forge a gut connection with the subject.” The visceral style of Mr Waters…

Linda Bergkvist

  from issue 7
“If I could design characters and stories for books and games, I’d be giddy with joy.” Someone fetch a chair because it’s only a matter of time…

The Art of Andrew Jones

  from issue 9
“I want to make images that will communicate with someone’s inner reptilian brain.” Prepare your limbic system for the art of Andrew Jones.

Glen Angus

  from issue 9
From X-Men to Norse-men, the tight, powerful images of Glen Angus bring characters boiling to the surface…

The Brothers Hildebrandt

  from issue 8
From Lord of the Rings to Star Wars and beyond, the twins who redefined fantasy imagery for a whole generation…

Rodney Matthews

  from issue 10
“I encourage people to get on my wavelength a bit and, without being pretentious, travel to far-flung planets.” Welcome to the world of Rodney Matthews

Viktor Titov

  from issue 08
Meet the hamster obsessed Russian artist who combines a passion for traditional landscape and epic drama in his work…

Alan Lee

  from issue 7
Alan Lee has combined his love for pencil and watercolour with a passion for mythology to become one of the true fantasy masters

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