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What is Creative Cloud?

Price NA | Company Adobe| Web www.adobe.com/uk

For a detailed review of the full CS6 package read Creative Bloq's brilliant Adobe CS6 review
Also watch out for ImagineFX's full review in the print edition of issue 84, on sale in the UK 25 May.


Introducing... Creative Cloud

With Photoshop CS6, and indeed the release of Creative Suite 6, comes Adobe Creative Cloud. When we looked at this back in issue 80 when we reviewed Adobe's Touch Apps for Android, we only had a few details of what Creative Cloud would be. Now we know more.

More than storage

Creative Cloud isn't just a service for syncing your files across Touch and desktop apps. And it's not just for storage, either. Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription service that brings you all of Adobe's creative tools – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro After Effects, Premiere Pro, Flash Pro, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash Builder, Prelude, Story, Media Encoder and tools such as Muse, Edge and Business Catalyst, all for a rather enticing £38 per month (if you subscribe for a year).

Blue cloud thinking

There's no catch, and the tools don't work 'in the cloud'; you install them and run them from your desktop. Every so often, Adobe asks that you connect to the internet to validate your Creative Cloud subscription.

Size matters

As well as this, you get 20GB of personal storage and can sync files across devices. You also get Adobe's range of touch apps.


So Creative Cloud isn't so much a service such as Dropbox, like we first imagined – it's so much more than that and for a lot of digital artists and designers, it’ll provide an inexpensive route to getting their hands on every single tool Adobe offers. So if you want to experiment with vector graphics video-editing, special effects or design a website, you can without shelling out a couple of grand for the privilege. The £38 monthly fee is for when you subscribe for a year; it's expected that a month-to-month subscription will be around £45 per month.


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