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The best fantasy and sci-fi artists in the world talk exclusively to ImagineFX. Read all of our interviews here...

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Puppet Theme Parks: Reimagining LittleBigPlanet

  from issue
From video games to comics, many artists find themselves tasked with finding ways to evolve an established franchise, which can be particularly tricky when dealing with an iconic visual style....

Antiquated Urbanism: Sebastien Mitton and Viktor Antonov on Dishonored

  from issue
Since its release in October, Bethesda’s Dishonored has continued to enthrall players with its highly original creative design, from the industrial streets of Dunwall to sophisticated weapon designs....

Bill Sienkiewicz: The godfather of the graphic novel

  from issue 67
We speak to the man who changed the face of comics forever, exerting a massive influence on fantasy, illustration and graphic design in the process.

Steve Argyle's master art

  from issue 56
Lush fantasy art with a sense of realism – who can pull that off…?

Adam Hughes and Inaki Miranda's Fairest!

  from issue 82
Fairest, the new Fables comic spin-off, further expands the series’s universe. ImagineFX chats to cover artist Adam Hughes and creator Bill Willingham.

Legend Lost: Jean 'Moebius' Giraud dies age 73

  from issue 73
He inspired Star Wars, reinvented French comics and pioneered surreal illustration, but who is the man behind the name?

Ralph McQuarrie RIP

  from issue 74
We remember Ralph... From movies to book covers and NASA, the iconic artist has visualised many projects, but none have meant so much to so many as Star Wars.

Dan Scott

  from issue 52
Magic: The Gathering, World of Warcraft and Warhammer artist Dan Scott talks about his passion for fantasy art.

Dave Dorman

  from issue 51
With his unique style of oil painting, Dave Doorman has used his skills to keep his boyhood passion for monsters and heroes alive...

Craig Mullins

  from issue 50
The digital pioneer who inspired a thousand artists across the world, speaks exclusively to ImagineFX…

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